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Thank you (not) for messing with my head, Bob... I spent all day yesterday (and evening) with yesterday's Starship song lyrics streaming through my brain... it wasn't pretty... I just hope I was never around mindreaders...they probably would have had me locked up... :-)


Say what you will about Desert Moon (and there's plenty...homoerotic football tackles, poofy hair, homoerotic arm wrestling in the grass, slideshows, SLIDESHOWS) at least it has an understandable narrative structure.

Library Cat

I remember the song from high school but I don't know if I ever saw the video then. It doesn't look familiar. I watched it at work with the sound off so I couldn't hear the conversations but that homoerotic subtext becomes pretty overt. Not that there is anything wrong with it but Dennis appears to be upset because this blond girl stole the guy in the maroon shirt's affections from him. Is that a short Ed Begley Jr. lookalike or is Dennis DeYoung seven feet tall?


I remember a lot of low budget videos from the early days of MTV that were bad for lack of money. Lionel Richie's Dancing on the Ceiling, however, was both amazingly bad and well financed.


I have been trying hard to think of a video worse than this one. So far, no luck. Or rather, lots of luck because my brain can't take much more of this stuff.

Dean Terry

positively soul destroying...

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